MSN Lifetime Awards

MSN Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

1. Background

Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN) was registered on 3rd March 1989 and since then has been led by many senior clinicians who have contributed significantly in the development of the neurology services as well as research in Malaysia. The MSN lifetime achievement award, beginning 2015, is proposed as a way of recognizing the numerous & valuable contributions made by outstanding members.

2. Selection Committee

A selection committee will be appointed by the MSN Executive Committee each year, to shortlist and decide on a candidate. Three senior members (clinicians or scientists) will be appointed to form the committee.

3. Selection Process

The selection committee will select ONE awardee annually, based on the selection criteria set below.

4. Selection Criteria

The criteria are set into 4 broad categories, and each is given a score of 1 – 5 (i.e. 1 for minimal contribution and 5 for significant contribution). The total score will be the sum from all 4 categories.

  • Contribution to the MSN
  • Contribution to the neurology services in Malaysia
  • Contribution to the neurology-related community services in Malaysia
  • Contribution as a clinical investigator or advocate for the principles of the Neurology

5. Proposal of nomination submission

Any active MSN Life member can submit one proposal each. The proposer needs to write a proposal listing out the contributions of the nominee in all the four categories as stated above. A successful awardee may not be proposed again in the future.

  1. Schedule
  • 31 January 2015 – Submission of name (letter of intent)
  • 31 January 2015- Appointment of selection committee members
  • 31 March 2015- Submission of proposal
  • 31 May 2015- Selection of award winner
  • 7 June 2015- Award ceremony @ MSN Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)

7. Award

The award includes free ASM registration for the rest of their lives, if attending and for that year’s ASM, hotel accommodation, MSN Lifetime Achievement Medal and certificate.

8. Past MSN Lifetime Awardee(s):

(a) Dato’ Loh Thiam Ghee (2015)

(b) Prof Dato’ Dr Tan Chong Tin (2017)

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