MSN History & Background

How it Began
Prof. Datuk Dr. Chong-Tin Tan


The idea of a Malaysian Society of Neurosciences came about during the 2nd ASEAN Neurosurgical Meeting held at the Hilton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur from 29th June to 2nd July 1986.

Inspired by the national neurosurgical associations in the neighbouring countries and the various national bodies coming together in the joint ASEAN meeting, a number of neurosurgeons and neurologists gathered after the scientific session to discuss the possibility of forming a Malaysian clinical neuroscience body.

The main concern then was to give structure to the working together of the various professionals within the neurosciences, as well as to have an official body to represent the professions. As the number of professionals in some of the neuroscience specialties such as neuropathology and neuro-paediatric were very small, it was felt that an umbrella body to encompass the various neuroscience specialties would be more workable. There was also the advantage of facilitating the working together between the different neuroscience specialties.

These concerns were reflected in the proposed constitution discussed at a meeting called by Associate Professor CT Tan. This was held on 25th October 1986 at the University Hospital. A Protem Council was formed with Professor TG Loh as President, Dr A Mohandas as Vice-President, Dr Fadzli Cheah as Secretary and Dr Nik Aziz as Treasurer. Assoc. Professor CT Tan, Dr T Selvapragasam and Dr Mohd Rani Jusoh were the members of the Council. Through Dr Fadzli Cheah’s untiring efforts, the Malaysian Society of Neurosciences was fully registered with the Registrar of Society on 3rd March 1989.

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