Basic Neuroscience – The Chapter



Neuroscience is a field related to scientific study of the nervous system that includes neuronal development, neuronal maturation and function as well as the pathogenesis of neurological disorders. Over the past decades, neuroscience has emerged as one of the advanced fields in medicine. It is now a unified field that integrates multiple disciplines such as biophysic, psychology, neuroinformatics, genetics, molecular and cell biology, neuropharmacology, neuroelectrophysiology and neuromedicine. Fundamental neuroscience research has drastically improved our understanding towards the development and functional aspect of the nervous system. In Malaysia, there has been a substantial increase in the number of neuroscientists who devote to high quality fundamental neuroscience research. From the clinical aspect, fundamental neuroscience has led to improved therapeutic approaches and more efficient drug development. These advancements have benefited many patients suffer from neurological disorders.

MSN aims to gather all professionals and allied health professionals in related fields to encourage activities that promote great interest in the ever-growing field of neuroscience. No doubt, MSN plays a crucial role in promoting and encourage studies and research of fundamental neuroscience in Malaysia. In accordance with all existing chapters within MSN, the 22nd AGM of MSN has approved the formation of the Basic Neuroscience Chapter (BNC) to serve as a platform for both clinical and non-clinical neuroscientists to establish their collaborative networks as well as improve the quality of their research under the patronage of MSN.

On 18th June 2011, an inaugural meeting was held in Universiti Putra Malaysia to elect a protem committee to steer the formation of the chapter. The protem committee consisted of Prof. Dr. K. Subramaniam (MAHSA – Advisor), Dr. Ling King Hwa (UPM – President), Dr. Cheah Pike See (UPM – Secretary), Dr. Loh Han Chern (UTAR – Treasurer), Dr. Ong Ming Thong (USM – Member), Dr. Suhaili Abu Bakar (UPM – Member) and Dr. Thilakavathy Karuppiah (UPM – Member).

Objectives of BNC

The chapter will champion the field of fundamental neuroscience such as (but not limited to) molecular, cellular and functional neurosciences. The main objective of BNC is to support the vision and mission of MSN via the following activities:

  • To develop a database of neuroscientists in fundamental research.
  • To serve as a scientific platform to promote sharing and learning of the latest concept and discovery among colleagues.
  • To offer a conducive environment for neuroscientists to initiate collaborative work among each other by organising seminar or annual scientific meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of MSN.
  • To improve awareness of the public regarding the importance of neuroscience field.
  • To increase the number of postgraduate students in the neuroscience field in Malaysia.
  • To attract more postgraduate students to become the member of MSN.
  • To establish cooperative network with other clinical chapters of MSN in leading multidisciplinary researches to improve the quality of life in patients with neurological disorders.

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