CCNDP Research Grant

updated: 13-nov-2017

Terms and condition of Chapter of Child Neurology and Developmental Paediatrics (CCNDP), Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN) research grant

1. Background
The Chapter of Child Neurology and Developmental Paediatrics (CCNDP) firmly supports research among its members. The CCNDP research grant was established from end of 2017 with the aim to provide seed money to encourage and develop research in the field of child neurology and developmental paediatrics in Malaysia. This is in line with the vision of CCNDP to encourage research and promote high quality care in paediatric neurology and developmental paediatrics in Malaysia.

The CCNDP executive committee recognises that there must be fairness and equitable distribution when awarding these research grants and hence, outlined below are the criteria rules and conditions where applying for such grants.

2. Eligibility
2.1. Applicant needs to be a Malaysian working or researching in the field of child neurology and developmental paediatrics

2.2. Must be a current member of MSN and if the applicant is not an ordinary or life member then the applicant needs to have another co-investigator who is an ordinary or life member of MSN

2.3. All research grant application need to have ethical approval by the relevant ethics committee.

2.4. Applicant with other pre-existing research grants will still be considered (but preference will be given those who have no pre-existing grants).

3. Types of research grant
3.1. Single centre research study: amount not exceeding RM5,000.00
3.2. Multi-centre research study (evidence of collaboration needs to be provided eg: agreement letter, ethics application involving the relevant institutions): amount not exceeding RM10,000
3.3. For each year a maximum of 2x RM5,000 or 1x RM10,000 research grant will be awarded.
3.4. Grant application is open 3 times per calendar year (February, June, October).

4. Expenses
4.1. Upon award of the research grant 60% of the total research grant will be disbursed to the applicant. The remainder 40% of the total research grant will be disbursed after the CCNDP committee has reviewed the mid-term project report or when proof of purchase is provided.

4.2. Useof the research grant funds need to include proof of purchase / service (eg: receipts, procurement quotation). The applicant is required to keep an itemised account of the research fund and provide this to the committee with the mid-term and final project report.

4.3.Expenses that can be claimed from the research grant include:
– Honorarium for research assistant
– Consumables (NB: purchase of IT equipment like laptop, desktop, printers are NOT allowed)
– Professional services

4.4. Expenses to attend and present findings in scientific conferences cannot be claimed from this research grant.

5. Project output
5.1. A report needs to be provided to CCNDP at mid-way and at completion of the research. The grant holder will be requested to provide an oral presentation of the findings in the annual CCNDP meeting or annual MSN meeting. Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in the applicant being ineligible to apply for future grant / bursary applications with CCNDP.

5.2. The grant holder is also encouraged to publish findings in peer-reviewed journals.

6. Application
6.1. All application must submit the following documents via email or the online link:
– Completed application form (mandatory)
– Updated or current brief curriculum vitae (mandatory)
– Ethics approval or institutional agreement documents (mandatory)

6.2. All applications will be evaluated by the CCNDP executive committee. Decisions will be made known via e-mail to the applicant within 4 weeks of initial submission. All decisions made by the executive committee are final. No appeal will be entertained.

7. Acknowledgement
7.1. Awardees of the research grant must acknowledge funding at the end of their oral or poster presentations, abstracts or journal write-ups.

8. Further information
8.1. Any additional information regarding the CCNDP research grant can be directed to the chairperson of CCNDP.

8.2. Completed forms should be emailed to:
– Associate Professor Dr Fong Choong Yi
– email: [email protected]

CCNDP research grant application form final v 2017

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