Epilepsy – Constitutions of Epilepsy

Rules and Regulation of Epilepsy Council

  1. Name
    • Epilepsy Council of Malaysia
  1. Objectives
    • To promote education, training of health professionals in the care of epilepsy patients
    • To promote research in epilepsy
    • To continue to improve care in epilepsy management
  1. Activities
    • Publishing guidelines and recommendations on epilepsy
    • Organising professional meetings and conference on epilepsy
    • Constructing curriculum for postgraduate training in epileptology
    • Accrediting epilepsy centres for postgraduate training in epileptology
    • Recognising or certifying specialists in epileptology
    • Advising the Government on epilepsy and epilepsy-related issues
    • Initiating and coordinating research related to epilepsy to collaborate with MES and other organizations on related epilepsy issues
  1. Membership
    • Members of the Council must be a member of MSN
  1. Office bearers
    • The members shall elect among themselves a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers as necessary to administer the affairs of the council. The term of office of the office bearers shall be two years. The Chairman shall make an annual report to the Council of MSN
  1. Changes to the Rules and Regulations
    • Any changes to the rules and regulations of the Epilepsy Council shall be approved at the AGM of the MSN
  1. Meeting
    • The council shall meet at least four times a year. The quorum shall be half of the Committee Members of 5 council members whichever is lesser

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