Movement Disorders – Constitution of Movement Disorders

Rules and Regulation of Movement Disorder Council

  1. Name
    1.1 Movement Disorder Council of MSN

  2. Objectives
    2.1 To promote education, training of health professionals in the care of movement disorder patients
    2.2 To promote research in the field of movement disorders
    2.3 To continuously improve the clinical management of movement disorders

  3. Activities
    3.1 Publish guidelines and recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders
    3.2 Organize activities to improve public awareness of movement disorders
    3.3 Organize and conduct professional meetings and conferences on movement disorders
    3.4 Facilitate research in the field of movement disorders
    3.5 Provide a source of current and accurate information regarding movement disorders to government or other interested parties
    3.6 Establish networking with local and international academic, health care institutions or societies interested in movement disorders
    3.7 Collaborate with non-governmental organizations on movement disorder-related issues

  4. Office bearers
    4.1 Members of the Movement Disorder Council shall consist of ordinary/ life members of MSN
    4.2 The Movement Disorder Council should have minimum of 6 members but not more than 10 members
    4.3 The members shall elect among themselves a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other office bearers as necessary to administer the affairs of the council. The term of office for the office bearers shall be two years and a maximum of 4 years. The Chairman shall make an annual report to the Council of MSN

  5. Changes to the Rules and Regulations
    5.1 Any changes to the rules and regulations of the Movement Disorder Council shall be approved at the AGM of the MSN

  6. Meeting
    6.1 The council shall meet at least three times a year. The quorum shall be a minimum of 4 Committee Members

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